Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 4 - Bhangkharka to Num

Breakfast in Bhangkharka was an omelet served with tea.

After breakfast we said our goodbyes to our hosts and to the village elders.

Our hosts insisted we were guests and shouldn't pay. After some negotiation with left them about 2500NR ($30). In hindsight we probably should have paid a little more.

We were again presented with prayer scarves as we left.

From Bhangkharka it was a steady (and hot) climb to the saddle which brought us over to the Arun valley.

Like everywhere we met friendly folk along the trail and the kids always stopped to say Namaste !

We were scheduled to stop in Chichila this night but we reached our destination after just a couple of hours of walking.

We elected to carry on till Num and just stop for morning Dal Bhat in Chichila.

It took them forever to prepare our meal (well over an hour) but it was tasty when it arrived. I guess we were still adjusting to Nepali time. The cost was 500 NR (about $6) for three of us.

We met some cars on the road to Num. The road currently ends in Num and this section has only been open a couple of years.

We were happy to be walking when we saw the cars. Occasionally they would stop so the passengers could empty their stomachs.

The road was dotted with small groupings of houses (shacks) with local folk industriously working.

We also came across some roadside gambling.

Strongman stopped to place a bet and even won some money.

As we arrived in Num we could see the road construction starting to make it's way down the valley.

The road is being funded by the Chinese to open up more trade routes.

It is a pity as the region changes a lot as the road progresses.

We arrived in Num and there was a bit of a debate between our two guides about where we would stay.

Strongman chose this basic teahouse on the main square.

He said it was run by his sister - we later found that terms brother and sister are used very loosely and this was probably just someone from his village.

This was the owner of the teahouse preparing us tea on arrival.

The square in Num was alive with kids playing. I liked the way no tyres and no pedals didn't stop them enjoying their bicycle.

This guy saw my camera and had me running around taking photos of family and friends.

He owned the shop next to the teahouse.

I have promised to send him pictures from the village.

Longman  was keen to jump in at any photo opportunity.
We grabbed a few beers and walked to the end of town.  Here we saw the first other group of trekkers we came across.
Four Germans and a gangload of porters.
We talked to some of the porters but the Germans stayed in their dinner tent.

Back at our teahouse evening Dal Bhat was served with some tasty pickles.

This was my bedroom in the teahouse.

It was comfortable but the open window was right above the blocked toilet..

Weather: Definitely a One Hat Day.  Num is at roughly 5,000 ft and in late October it was still very mild.
Accommodation: I'll say Two Cups - Had to dock some for the blocked toilet.

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