Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Organization of Blog

I will give a day by day description of the trek with each day in a separate blog post.
I will try give useful information about food, accommodation and terrain.

For the accommodation I will rate each teahouse. My rating scale will be as follows:

One Cup - Poor

  Two Cups - Fair

Three Cups - Good

The rating will be based on a combination of facilities and experience.
In some locations the teahouse may not have been the most comfortable or bathroom may not have been up to par but the fun we had with locals outweighed the physical surroundings.
Similarly in other locations the facilities were excellent but the experience was a bit sterile.

I will also rate the weather.
During the trek we found some locations to be colder than what we were really prepared for.
One of our guides wore the same clothes throughout the journey but added more hats as it got colder.
The rating scheme for temperature will therefore be based on the number of hats longman is wearing.

One Hat - Warm Weather

Two Hats - Chilly Weather

Three Hats - Brass Monkeys

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